From March through August, New Direction Church will be hosting full preview services on the second Sunday of each month. The dates for these preview services are March 13, April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, and August 14. Services will begin with worship at 10:30 am. Hot coffee and cold water will be ready for you as you arrive! Worship will be followed by a message from our lead pastor, with worship and time of prayer to close. Services will be dismissed approximately at 11:45 am.


On all other Sundays from March through August, we will host weekly services focused on building relationships with fellow members and believers. Services will begin on these days at 10:30 am. We will have a brief worship service and, followed by a short message from our lead pastor or a member of our leadership team. There will be a brief break at 11:00 am followed by fellowship discussions until approximately 11:45 am. During these times of fellowship, you will have the opportunity to participate or just listen to fellow believers talk about that day's topic in a smaller group setting. It is during these times when you will truly get chance to connect with fellow believers about real issues and questions related to today's world. If  you are shy RELAX!! There will be no pressure to share! We only hope that you use this opportunity to better understand our heart, make new friends, and become part of the family of New Direction Church. There may even be a few "surprise refreshments" during or after these days of service!!